Hangers in their new home. Series by Mieke


The Transparent Series. Atelier Solarshop. 2013

The Garden With ( Without)

Green. Het Bos 2014

The Mirror Collection

Atelier Solarshop. 2014.

Elise Gettliffe and Katha

Trudzinski Ceramic Commission 2013

Earth.Rope.Pot.Plant Book Release and Event 2015

N id a deux Store Collaboration. Tokyo. 2015

The Hanging Corridor. F.R.E.D

Gallery Space. Antwerp. 20155

The Bamboo Series. Antwerp 2015

Botanik #1 deSingel 2016

Staghorn and Orchids on branches. deSingel. 2016

UGUiSU Store Collaboration Tokyo 2016

Sunken Treasure, Online Store 2016

Colouring Nature Part 2: Rhizomes. De Singel, Antwerp 2017


A TEA inspired residency

at Het Bos 1-16 April 2018


Tea Notes. A tea ceremony launching Journal du The, a publication released by Poetic Pastel with a concert by Jatinder Singh Durhailay. April 2018.